Ultium Home lets you capture and store power to use when you need it most.


Pull energy from the grid during off-peak hours. Help power your home with that stored energy when costs spike. Gather solar power when the sun is shining. Then use it to light up your nights. The road to discovering more home energy freedom is just ahead. Ultium Home’s PowerBank can put you in the driver’s seat.

Smarter home energy is in your hands. 

With Ultium Home, you have the power to capture and store your own energy. From less worry about power outages during a storm to less stress when utility prices spike—having a reliable source of home energy to use as you see fit can be a game changer. And that’s what Ultium Home PowerBank is all about.

A groundbreaking change in how home energy can work.

Ultium Home’s PowerBank can fundamentally change the way you think of your home energy.  Instead of sharing a finite amount of energy from the public grid and riding out price swings—you have the power to collect energy when prices are lower and bank it to use later.


You can tap into your bank of stored power to help offset higher costs during peak times when everyone is pulling energy from the grid. And when the power goes out in your neighborhood, you have a smart source of back up energy in place and ready to use.

Find Your Energy Storage Solution

Helping to keep the lights on in a blackout, greater energy freedom, potentially lower electric bills—the reasons to invest in energy storage go on and on. Select an option below to get plugged in.

Connect & Store

Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle

Pulls and stores energy from the grid or compatible solar systems.
Includes Ultium Home V2H Enablement Kit & PowerBank.

Coming soon.


The Complete Package

Ultium Home Energy System

Works seamlessly to store and use power for maximum efficiency.
Includes Ultium Home PowerShift Charger, V2H Enablement Kit & PowerBank.

Coming soon.


Seamlessly integrate
with solar

Going solar may help reduce the cost of powering your EV and could minimize your carbon footprint. SunPower, GM’s preferred provider and the top-rated solar company in the U.S.*, provides high quality, innovative energy solutions for as little as $0 down for qualified customers. 

Get expert Ultium Home installation

SunPower is also a GM-preferred installer for Ultium Home products. With almost 40 years providing top-notch energy solutions and over 15,000 five-star customer reviews, SunPower is your trusted source for quality, reliable service.